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Employing a windows-based point-and-click interface, Titan Workshop brings the traditional paper-based workshop up to speed with the rest of the dealership.

Titan uses innovative design and technology to integrate service with all other departments to maximise efficiency through automated processes, simplistic visualisation of work flows, and matches CRM campaigns with service delivery standards to increase customer retention.

Titan DMS Features - Workshop (Pic1&2)
Previously, we had an issue in our service department. There was an order issue regarding parts - there was a $5K leakage every month. But the new Titan system doesn’t allow this kind of thing to happen.
Sam Elabbasi ..... - Dealer Principal, Windsor Auto Group, NSW, Australia
[Hyundai • Nissan]
Service progress in one screen

Knowing the status of a job at any time during the day allows for staff to better manage changes in workloads or unforeseen customer demands. Titan Workshop provides a single-screen overview of every technician on site, their current work status, and the status of the jobs they have allocated to them. This visibility is key in monitoring and controlling the workshop on a day-to-day basis.

Visibility is key in monitoring and controlling the workshop

Understanding that the workshop is much more than just booking and service, Titan Workshop also manages workshop loading and work identification, with staff given the opportunity to upsell to the customer at any stage of their vehicle service cycle.

As with other Titan products, the system allows for full costing and processing through to the General Ledger, decreasing user input to further increase efficiency and accuracy of data.

A unique and innovative feature of Titan Workshop is the integration with OEM service menus. Understanding the needs of both the dealer and the manufacturer, Titan is continually driving the industry forward through integrated services – both internally and externally. The introduction of OEM service menus into Titan Workshop brings labour, parts and sundry requirements into a point-and-click interface giving accurate costs at the time of booking.

Regardless of the size of the workshop or the number of technicians on site, Titan Workshop provides clarity and control to a multifaceted and fast-paced workshop.

Titan DMS Features - Workshop (Pic2)
  • Single-screen technician site overview
  • Integrated OEM service menus
  • Full costing and processing through to the general ledger
  • Management of workshop loading and work identification
  • Point-and-click windows-based functionality

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