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North Wales Honda, Wales, UK

David Paveley, Dealer Principal

Honda • Lotus

Titan is a really well thought-out system. When dealers have spoken about what their business needs from a DMS, Titan has listened and learned. Titan DMS genuinely caters for all your needs in order to run your core business very well.

Titan has worked hard on developing this DMS and it shows – clearly it didn’t happen overnight. It is a well-honed, robust, really easy to navigate product.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone.

Titan DMS Customer Case Study - David Paveley, Dealer Principal, North Wales Honda, Wales, UK

of Titan DMS


With Titan, we noticed improvement in our departments from day one. Personally, I would estimate I have an extra two hours a day spare thanks to Titan.

We bought this business about five years ago, and had we been using Titan from the beginning we would have put a lot more money onto our bottom line. We would have seen improvements in the business from day one.

Titan’s efficiency results in profitability right away.


Being able to get the sales team to log their outbound phone calls was the biggest change we saw from day one. In terms of customer care, there are minimum requirements that our staff must deliver. On the old system you didn’t know what they were doing, or how. Now in Titan they have to put all the information into the system, including additional notes on how the conversation went. I can track the authenticity of the information from within Titan rather than chasing up the individual staff members to check. This alone has saved me massive amounts of time.

We now have meetings at the end of the day and go through that information captured in Titan. I know exactly what was happening with every customer, and we discussed this with staff during this meeting. It has taken the pressure off my shoulders as my team are doing what they are meant to be doing – I don’t have to check anymore – it’s all there in the system.


I have the same results with the technicians as I do with the sales staff. I can see exactly what they are doing and what they have done at any time of the day.

Why change DMS?

Our existing DMS was very outdated, and it was very hard to extract useful data out of it in order to grow the company. I wanted a DMS to help me look into all the key areas of the business and extract reports on them. It was for that main reason that I changed my DMS.

We were previously working with a DMS that was built in 2008. As a business, we felt like we were walking through treacle with that system. Now with Titan, we feel like Olympic athletes.

Understanding the process

The Titan implementation team came to see us and told us how it was all going to work. They are experts in what they do, as they understood our business and the Titan business too. The team were excellent.

Titan were very patient with us. We aren’t IT people so we were asking all kinds of questions that probably seemed very simple, but they answered them all without issue. The Titan team delivered it in a way that we could understand what they were saying. They broke it down into bite-sized chunks so we could understand it easier. They walked us through it, and understood our wants and needs, which was really important.

Business impact on go-live

It was surprisingly seamless. There are lots of horror stories in the industry when changing a DMS provider. I expected a few more issues in terms of data changeover, or invoices not working from day one, but there was none of that. It all happened very smoothly. That continued throughout the rollout.

There were about 6,500 files that were changed over, and only five were wrong – and they weren’t Titan issues, they were issues that we had with the data, like incorrect dates.


I have three business partners that were expecting massive problems, as they’ve seen how these changeovers can fail. But all the pre-work that Titan did in advance, all the checking was so thorough, that by the time we came to the go-live date there was nothing left to chance. I kept trying to slow it down to make sure it was ready, as I was extremely cautious, but it wasn’t needed. I was shocked that it worked so well on day one. My business partners were just as shocked as I was.

It was fantastic. I’m still shocked at how easy it went.

Support before and after

There’s a honeymoon period in any business transaction, and people expect things to slack off and for you to be forgotten once the deal is done. But the sales team is still by our side, and the support team are still just a phone call away.

The helpdesk is brilliant – they don’t mislead us and are very transparent and professional.


I’m really excited with the work we are going to do together. We have provided some ideas to add into the Titan system to help with our business, and Titan have been very open to incorporating those requests. They said that if we wanted it, then it was likely that other dealerships would also benefit from it, so it was worthwhile to investigate further.

I’m excited that we are going to have a system that can evolve. The fact that Titan has the capacity to do that, is another reason we chose Titan.

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