Case Study


Jowett Motor Group, VIC, Australia

Wayne Marshall, Group Financial Controller

BMW • Honda • Hyundai • Nissan

Titan DMS is user-friendly and efficient. Our guys all use it, and use it well.

We’ve got quicker information, better information, and happier staff – especially the younger ones, as they’re used to using Microsoft products.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Titan to anyone – we’re probably kicking ourselves that we didn’t do it sooner.

Titan DMS Customer Case Study - Wayne Marshall, Financial Controller, Jowett Motor Group, VIC, Australia

of Titan DMS


Titan DMS Customer Case Study - Wayne Marshall, Group Financial Controller, Jowett Motor Group, VIC, Australia

We saw improvements from day one of implementing Titan.

I can now finish my month-end probably three days quicker, purely because it’s a lot more up to date due to the online nature of the system.

This has taken a massive amount of pressure off us to get all the financial reporting out to our dealerships.


We no longer need additional administrative staff to manage the vehicle costings anymore, as Titan does this all automatically. Most Pentana dealers need full time staff to manage this process. From the day we went onto Titan, we were able to redistribute three people to other roles in the business as they were no longer needed, saving us approximately $150,000 per year.

We now get a lot less queries from a grossing point of view. We would probably spend one day per dealership on queries, or five days per month. Titan is so much more transparent, so we can see all the elements of the deal. Once approved, we can see if anything has been added. We no longer see any of the queries that we used to see on the old system.

With Pentana, we would spend an additional two days a month just getting service departments to close repair orders, as you’d want them all closed off before end of month. The old system was very clunky.


The workshop controller is a lot more in control because of the control board in Titan. It looks like a diary so they can see everything – Era didn’t have anything like that.

There is definitely more interaction with the team too. The service advisors can see what the controllers can see, so there is much better two-way communication.

The parts/service area is very logical and easy to navigate. Even people that come in now and have had no training can work it out.

Why change DMS?

The main reasons for the change was the costs, and the fact Pentana would over-promise and under-deliver. It was a real frustration. They let the system get old and it was all about selling and not support.

The last straw was when Pentana sold us their reporting package. They made us pay all these setup costs and maintenance fees, and promised it would do everything in the world – but it didn’t. Then after it failed, they turned around and said the product wasn’t working and pulled it, after all the time and effort we put into it, we had nothing.

We were very disappointed with Pentana – we felt that they let us down.

We were getting more and more agitated, because any enhancements we needed, Pentana wanted to charge us for it. When we did agree to pay for it, they wanted a six-figure sum for their Dealer Socket CRM system, but they over-promised and under-delivered.

We wanted a genuine partner, not someone who was going to rip us off.

Tony (DP) found out that other dealers were moving across to Titan and AutoIT. We were over it and wanted to move away from Pentana.

We only reached out to the three different providers. We got in contact with Titan Sales and they were down within a week and went through and presented the product. Then there was a second follow up with a deep dive. I had over 70 questions that we wanted the system to do – a lot of that came from the core business requirements and the frustrations of the Pentana system. Titan were able to answer them all.

Quality of preparations

What was key for us was doing all the pre-work, and Titan having a good understanding of our data. What made all the difference was that all the preparations were so good. We had no major issues because we got engaged in the process when converting the data.

We did the training in small groups. Once our staff saw that it was really easy to use and windows-based, they were very optimistic, with not much push back. When I went to a training session, I wanted to leave early because it looked that easy and I thought I could do it all without the training.

Go-live was really good.

The amount of people on site when we went live – it was almost overkill.

The whole thing went so smoothly that the extra Titan staff onsite had time to develop some reports for us and help us with process improvement. The relationships that we built with the team on-site at that time is still as strong today.

Titan support

I would describe Titan’s support as excellent – even the people not on the help desk are very approachable.

When ringing the Pentana help desk, you’d only get a level 1 or level 2 experienced person, which wouldn’t have the level of expertise that I would need. Their help desk was almost a training centre for their staff, as once their knowledge reached level 3, which is what I needed, they would be moved to somewhere else in the business.

With Titan, no matter who you get on the help desk they are fully skilled. But if I needed someone with more expertise, I knew I could escalate my query to the right people quickly and easily. In many cases, the staff would go out of their way to get my issues resolved very quickly, regardless of the day/time.

Most of the times you ring the help desk it’s because you don’t know how to do something, rather than having a glitch that needs to be fixed.

Financial certainty

We’ve saved money coming across to Titan.

Titan brings new products online and we don’t have to pay for it as it’s all included. Titan are always keeping up to date with interfaces, etc.

It’s good value for money, especially that we don’t have to pay for optional extras.

We know what we’ve got to pay, so we’ve got certainty.


We want one DMS product to handle everything – we don’t want bolt-ons.

We see the Titan system getting more developed and integrated with these items in the future, and see that as being a real point of difference.

A lot of other DMS providers aren’t doing it very well.

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