The Human Equation: Customer Relationship Interactions for Salespeople

7th September 2021

The dilemma that dealerships face is the time in which salespeople spend on time-consuming activities that could be automated through the Titan DMS. This software can result in a 63% rise in efficiency, meaning salespeople can put more emphasis on their customer relationships and selling the product. It is predicted that salespeople will see their opportunities double if just half of these tasks were automated.

This is where automation can have significant benefits. Instead, their focus would be more productive when directed elsewhere such as making connections with potential customers to organise meetings, book appointments and follow up on previous conversations rather than attempting to re-call previous conversations which can then be accessed by other departments if necessary.

Integrations - Porsche
Tasks are allocated automatically based on pre-targeted prospect data (daily) which sales staff can then access and begin their day with a healthy to-do list. If this list is then built within the DMS’ customer relationship management, each prospect is linked back to their complete history of interactions with a dealership (or dealer group), enabling for stronger, more personalised communications. This direct access to data, has enabled sales representatives to shorten their sales cycles by up to 14%.

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