Our support team's recent FAQ's

21st September 2021


Q. Why do my PAYG values on my BAS report look wrong?
A. The PAYG values must be taken from your Payroll System. However, if your BAS Clearing journal is processed correctly each month, this value should be correct.

Q. I need to do a credit – where do I go?
A. If the Vehicle QOI / Deal is incorrect, click on the Credit icon on screen. If a supplier invoice was processed incorrectly, do a Supplier Goods Invoice / Credit Note Reversal.

Q. How do I do my end of month clearances without inadvertently affecting my BAS report?
A. Use the BAS Clearing for your postings – this menu was specifically designed for this reason.


Q. Why aren’t my vehicles loading onto the CarSales website?
A. The most common reason for vehicles not automatically publishing to the CarSales website is incomplete information. CarSales has minimum details that must be provided, or the vehicle will be overlooked and not published to the site. These minimum requirements include: registration number (used vehicle), manufacturer ID (new vehicle), VIN, build date, colour, description, odometer reading (greater than 10kms), publish vehicle code and publish price. Depending on your dealership’s integration, you may also require the Redbook/Glasses code to be provided as well. Once all this information is entered, also ensure that the status of the vehicle is marked as “2-In Stock”.

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