Dedicated mobile numbers for SMS

5th October 2021


Integrations - PorscheSMS as a form of communication is one of the most popular exchange of messaging directly relating to customers (email being the first).

It is imperative that an SMS exchange between businesses and their consumer is delivered in such a manner that is professional yet concise.

Accessing within the dealer management system, Titan’s provision of dealer communications to customers via SMS allows for automation and the ability to capture SMS responses. Dependent on the response, the system can be customized to report or act via pre-built automated campaigns.

Although this integration has been available to Titan customers for numerous years, there are other SMS-related functionality aspects that dealers may find more beneficial to suit their needs.

One said function is allocated numbers. Messages sent to customers are typically distributed via a randomly generated mobile number (generated from an available pool of numbers). With Titan DMS, dedicated numbers are assigned and as a result, all messages originating from the same number when send out to the customer. Not only does this provide consistency and visibility, but it gives customers full visibility of all communications with them. As a result, there is the potential for dealerships to reduce opt-outs and maximize reach.


For more information on costs and implementation, contact the support team now.


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