Complaints Management Tool

19th November 2021


Manage, track, and resolve customer complaints within the Titan DMS.

The complaints management tool within the Titan DMS allows dealers to track every step of a customer complaint within one screen. By utilizing this tool, staff can attach supporting documents and assign staff actions for optimized customer resolutions.

It has been acknowledged that CSI ratings significantly impact dealership profits. By identifying patterns, and understanding the nature of a rating, a dealer may be more conscious of previously unknown inefficiencies. As a result of using the customer complaints management tool, dealers can achieve a favourable CSI rating for maximum returns.

Within this feature of Titan DMS, there is the option to filter complaints by status (active/resolved), staff member, resolution time, or complaint type (department specified) which offers insight into a dealership’s CSI rating. This tool also recognizes that tasks may need to be assigned to the alternative staff so that a resolution may be completed within a timely manner.

All customer touchpoints are logged ensuring a comprehensive customer journey within one click by ultimately minimizing any discrepancies or miscommunications.

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