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Creativity personified

Titan products are built on innovation, reflecting the creativity of the people behind them. Ethical, motivated, fanatical about customer satisfaction, and driven for self-improvement, every Titan employee shares a passion for excellence.

Our management ethos is to recognise and nurture an individual’s strengths and abilities to maximise their potential, both personally and professionally. Blend this with a philosophy of innovative excellence, and an individual’s growth within Titan is limitless.

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We are our people.  When you understand that innovation is as simple as allowing the creativity and dedication of exceptional people to find a route to market, you can create something special.
Matthew Kroll . - Managing Director, Titan DMS
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We are our customers

We deliver industry-leading software because our people are industry-leading software engineers, database developers and support personnel.

We are energetic and philosophical about the difference we can make to the automotive industry and know that we have the skills, knowledge, experience and professionalism required to reach our goals.

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Service Desk Manager [AUS]
Titan Careers - Implementation Consultant
QLD, AUSTRALIA - Due to continued growth in our product offerings globally, we are now seeking a leader in customer service to take our Service Desk team to the next level of industry-leading service delivery.